• Revising Classes
    So why am I going through the pain of revising a rule set I obviously enjoy playing? Well, RPGs lead to tinkering with rules. That’s in the DNA of the hobby.
  • A Geek With Restraint: What I Mean When I Say “Hobby”
    Hobbies can be set aside and picked back up. This is how I see things, and the lens through which everything on this blog is written. I’m just giving you all fair warning.
  • Magic and Patrons
    Just a short post on how sources of magic change the tone of magic in fiction and gaming.
  • Zero to Zero
    There’s folks who clamor for a level-0, where player characters are even weaker. The hell is up with that?
  • A Risky Opinion
    The shitty behavior Risk prompts is the remaining players wanting to force the defeated players, the losers of the game, to sit and keep watching.
  • Seriously Houseruled Edition of Dungeons and Dragons
    I consider it just a fun mental puzzle to take 45+ years of rules, ruling, guidelines and experiences and distill that all down.

What’s A Digital Garden?

Current trends in blogging stress the ideas of SEO, personal branding, regular posting schedules, hero images, calls to action. Funnels. 5K+ word articles. Establishing expertise.

God, that just don’t sound fun at all.

Blogging can have all of that. Blogging can be as safe and dependent on the algorythms as it wants to be. But this space, to which you have been invited, is not a blog. I don’t blog.

I garden.

This is a digital garden. Some of the plants are massive, others are still seedlings. Nothing here is to generate a page view. It’s all here because I wanted to put it here. I’m inviting you in to take a look around, see what’s springing to life, see what flowers catch your eye, see what vegetables nourish you.

There aren’t any comments; go get your own garden. The real estate on the Internet is wide and vast, and there’s plenty of room. Find some.