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Alternative Minions

I look at some alternative minion rules for use in most d20 based games, or any system that uses a hit point total for tracking damage. For the horde!

Owned But Unused

Game Masters have a problem. We buy every single system that catches our eye but play only a fraction. Here’s three that I purchased but never used. Will that change in the future?

Safe Vs Safe

Let’s get this out in the beginning; players should be safe at the table. But characters should never feel safe.

Make Players Awesome

Sometimes the best posts are older posts from other people. Here’s two posts on making players awesome that I came across again when reading RPG blogs. I’d read and liked both of these before, but I want to call them… Continue Reading →

Offensive Players

Well, wait a minute, that sounds like terrible advice! I don’t mean offensive in the sense of actively causing pain or anger in another; I mean offensive as in being active, being in possession, being engaged. Overcoming challenges that the GM puts in the path. Changing the game world.

Fear Of Failure

Every time I have been scared to take on a new challenge, take a risk, or take a step out of my comfort zone, I have failed.

But what’s all that have to do with RPGs? Read on; find out!

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