Sometimes the best posts are older posts from other people. Here’s two posts on making players awesome that I came across again when reading RPG blogs. I’d read and liked both of these before, but I want to call them out again in case anyone hasn’t seem them.

The first is from Jeff’s Gameblog, an amazing resource of ridiculous ideas to add to D&D games in particular but really any genre of RPG. Jeff’s post “How To Awesome Up Your Players” should be required reading for anyone either looking to start gamemastering or who’s been at it for any length of time. A key takeaway from the post:

(T)he Main Thing in an awesome-focused campaign is this: Your players are rock stars and they’re here to rock your house. In this paradigm your job is to be the roady and the manager and all the other people who make the concert possible.

Jeff’s Gameblog

The second post is “Telegraph Your Monster’s Attacks” by Gradenko2000 over at Song of the Blade. The title really gives away the thrust of the post, but it’s a very direct post on players having more agency in combat, a focus of nearly all RPGs. An easy way to awesome up players is to let them in on what’s happening 6 seconds from now. The key takeaway (emphasis mine):

(P)layers tend to not do anything more interesting than kill whatever looks like the biggest or most immediate threat because whatever a monster does is always instantaneous and hidden behind an impenetrable veil of your own unspoken intentions.

But what if you told the players that the Cleric was going to get the next Frostbolt to the face?

Song of the Blade

Do you have any tips or posts regarding making your players awesome? Post them below in the comments!