RPGaDAY 2018 Day Thirty

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I’m participating in the #RPGaDAY 2018 challenge, so August is going to be busy with posting. They’ve broken up the challenge into 5 themes, corresponding with the weeks. Week One focuses on the What, Week Two the How, Week Three is Describe, Week Four is Which, and Week Five brings it all home with Share. But for now let’s just settle in and focus on today’s question:

Share Something You Learned About Playing Your Character.

For this question I’m going to take the three characters I played for our Pathfinder Kingmaker campaign, in 2015-2016.

My first character, Hapax the Ironborn, was the nominal ruler of our kingdom, first and only of his kind, and a hard character to play. It became a weird, almost Commander Data experience at points, where I wanted to stress the utter alien-ness of a living machine ruling a kingdom of flesh and blood, breathing sentient beings. But ultimately what I learned was, I hated being a spotlight character. I want moments to shine, but for me I want those moments to come in group situations, helping the party out, that sort of thing. Being the final decision maker and point of authority wasn’t what I desired out of the game.

My second character, after putting Hapax up as an NPC, was Irene the Unchained Monk. Irene was a fun character to play, the brash sister of our party’s Fighter, a sullen, deliberate character named Asa. It was great roleplaying the interaction of the two siblings with Asa’s player, and playing Irene really stretched me. I learned to embrace thinking outside the box. Not only was it different for me to have a role-play heavy character, I also started using more of Irene’s less combat-y monk skills more and more to solve problems. Tongue of the Sun and Moon was my most valuable ability.

My final character, after the arc with Irene and Asa wrapped up, was Artox the Half-Orc Magus. This was a character that from the get go was brash, confident, and yet turned out to be the ultimate team player. This was where I learned of my love of support, or re-learned it, actually. Every action was taken to boost another character, give them moments to shine, set up opportunities in and out of combat and overall pass on his ridiculous wisdom to another generation. It was the most fun I had playing a spellcaster.

Also the default fighter in Pathfinder 2E should just be a magus, and make all classes casters, but that’s a post for another time.