RPGaDAY 2018 Day Twenty-Eight and Twenty-Nine

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I’m participating in the #RPGaDAY 2018 challenge, so August is going to be busy with posting. They’ve broken up the challenge into 5 themes, corresponding with the weeks. Week One focuses on the What, Week Two the How, Week Three is Describe, Week Four is Which, and Week Five brings it all home with Share. But for now let’s just settle in and focus on today’s question:

Share Whose Inspiring Gaming Excellence You’re Grateful For & Share A Friendship You Have Because of RPGs.

I’ve combined these two days because they are linked in my mind. Everyone who I’ve gamed with and continue to game with, who I number as close friends, inspire me to play better, run better and live better. It’s a group of people I’m excited to see, talk to and make up stories about dwarves and elves every time we get together. It’s not just excellence in gaming, it’s excellence in relationships. These are some of my favorite people.

So, thanks for gaming with me, putting up with me, talking me down from tall buildings and building me up in the low times. Thanks for being there:

Dan H, Cindy, Dan D, Adam P, Clay, Mat, Rachel, Josh, Racheal, Derek, Jonathan, Carrie, Aaron S, Ethan, Carl, Marty, Eric, Stephen, Fred, Amanda, Diana, Zach, Kristen, Adam F, Aaron B, and of course my wonderful wife Camille.

Golden Girls

Thank You For Being A Friend!