RPGaDAY 2018 Day Twenty-Five

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I’m participating in the #RPGaDAY 2018 challenge, so August is going to be busy with posting. They’ve broken up the challenge into 5 themes, corresponding with the weeks. Week One focuses on the What, Week Two the How, Week Three is Describe, Week Four is Which, and Week Five brings it all home with Share. But for now let’s just settle in and focus on today’s question:

Name A Game That’s Had An Impact On You In The Last Year.

Well, this is a tricky one. I haven’t actually gamed yet in 2018. After my wife and I had twins last year, my time been taken up with caring for two tiny lifeforms and keeping them alive. And honestly, I didn’t miss gaming much this year. It’s been a blast watching the twins go from mostly sleepy lumps to super active, happy individuals.

So I’m going to kick the can and answer with Traveller, as I’ll be starting a campaign with New Traveller – here’s an aside. The fact that we have GDW’s original game with the name Classic Traveller, while the second edition of Mongoose Publishing’s edition is officially New Traveller is completely ridiculous. There’s already enough outcry over stripping all ship design from the core rulebook (I don’t miss it) and the OneBookShelf/Traveller’s Aid Society (think DM’s Guild) taking the wind out of the sails of 3rd party publishers. Now we have the stupidity of borrowing naming conventions from Coke?

Anyway, I’m starting a new campaign in September, the first time gaming since October of last year, and the first time refereeing since my old Traveller campaign ended in March of 2017. As Traveller is at this point the game I enjoy running this most, and since it’s my big return to gaming, I think that qualifies for “impact”.