RPGaDAY 2018 Day Twenty-Seven

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I’m participating in the #RPGaDAY 2018 challenge, so August is going to be busy with posting. They’ve broken up the challenge into 5 themes, corresponding with the weeks. Week One focuses on the What, Week Two the How, Week Three is Describe, Week Four is Which, and Week Five brings it all home with Share. But for now let’s just settle in and focus on today’s question:

Share A Great Stream/Actual Play.

I think this is where Twitter turns on me completely. I’m not a critter. I don’t really watch any stream of D&D. I can’t tell you the difference between incorporated parties or forces or crews or whatever. The simple reason is that I don’t have time to consume 3 to 4 hours of gaming each week that isn’t me physically gaming for that time. The complicated reason is that I don’t want to make the time to consume other people gaming.

Now, I think it’s amazing that streaming and actual plays have taken off the way they have. It’s a boon to the hobby, and probably responsible for more people getting into playing RPGs that any other one factor. But I can not enjoy something while allowing for it to be a net positive, and to be happy for other people who do enjoy streams.

Now I said all that so I can backtrack and talk about an actual play I absolutely love: Dungeon Gamers. It’s different, as each “season” is probably about an hour of total media experience. As an actual play, it’s fast moving and light hearted game using the D&D 5E Phandelver adventure. But the hook, cutting from the table to full, in-costume acting from the players, is genius. And just the sheer playfulness of it is a breath of fresh air. Dungeon Gamers isn’t taking itself seriously, but it does take seriously presenting the hobby of playing RPGs as a entertaining, worthwhile enterprise.