RPGaDAY 2018 Day Twenty-Six

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I’m participating in the #RPGaDAY 2018 challenge, so August is going to be busy with posting. They’ve broken up the challenge into 5 themes, corresponding with the weeks. Week One focuses on the What, Week Two the How, Week Three is Describe, Week Four is Which, and Week Five brings it all home with Share. But for now let’s just settle in and focus on today’s question:

Your Gaming Ambition In The Next Year.

I’ll put up two; one more readily attainable and one more blue-sky.

The first is to keep running my new Traveller campaign for the full year. Usually my campaigns are short, as I pinch-hit as a GM in between larger, usually D&D or Pathfinder campaigns. I’d like to be the primary campaign for people this time. I think Traveller works well as a long-term, sandboxy campaign system, and it’s easier to rotate in and out new players and characters if you look at “ship” as a replacement for the standard D&D “party”.

The second is to publish some RPG material. Now, I’m going to reign this end right now; by “publish” I mean “have a clean PDF/ebook presentation for RPG material usable at the table by GMs who aren’t me”. I don’t plan on this becoming a career. In fact, I’m fairly anti-RPG Industry, if I’m pushed to have an opinion on it. But I think I have a few interesting tricks and ideas that, although they’ll be published here on this blog, could be helpful for other GMs in a more organized presentation.